Kids Say the Darndest Things

Do you remember the show Kids Say the Darndest Things hosted by Bill Cosby, when we still all loved him? It was my favourite show to watch. Well, I’m pretty lucky to have some pretty funny kids in my life. Here are some of my share-worthy stories. For some reason, all these stories are about body parts. Hahah!

I tried to be more subtle with my photoshopping. Haha! While googling images, I found out that Bill Cosby wasn’t the first person to do a show like this. Radio host Art Linkletter had a segment called Kids Say the Darndest Things on his program.

The more you know!

1. Volunteering in Bennett’s preschool class last year made me miss being surrounded by students. I was always so entertained by the stuff kids would say. That day was no different. 😂😂😂

Teacher (reviewing carpet time rules): What’s our rule about hands?
Student: You can’t put your hands in your pants and touch your wiener.

The student was absolutely right, though.

2. Recently at church, I was singing with the nursery kids (aged 18 months-3years). We were singing, “I can tap my toes, I can tap my toes, I can tap my toes”. 🎶🎵

The kids had maracas and would tap whatever we sang about.

Who knows what else should we tap?

Lachlan, my 3 year old: (With both maracas on his chest 🎯🎯)

Bonus story that also happened at church the same day. Lachlan kept poking, feeling and pushing on my chest at church. I asked him to stop and he said, “But I like to do it”.

This is why we sit at the back. This is why. Hahaha!

3. When I taught grade one, I was teaching a unit in social studies on rights and responsibilities. I asked the kids for examples of each. One student said, “When my mom and dad shower together I’m responsible for watching my little sister. ”

To close this segment of Kids Say the Darndest Things, I’ll mention another experience I had in grade one.

4. Now, I love leopard print. I’ve loved it since I was in high school and you could only purchase leopard print items in the sketchy store San Francisco. (Please tell me some of you remember that store! The further towards the back, the sketchier the store.)

Anyway, I was wearing a pair of leopard print shoes to school. As I was holding the door open for all grade one kids to come in from recess, one student said to me, “I like your shoes. My mom has panties just like them.”

Hahahahaha! Out of the mouth of babes!

By Just Jacquie

I’m (also) just a girl, standing in front of this blog, asking people to read it. (We will be forever friends if you know what movie inspired this sentence.)

I love love. I love God. I love my family. I love to learn, to create, to teach, to share, to laugh, to think, to read, to quote movies and to listen to music. I love lamp.

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😂 that’s hilarious!!! I’ve got one for you. When my twins were still quite young and I would still bring them in the shower with me… they were maybe about 2 years old 🤷🏻‍♀️ one of them said, “I just want to box those”…. 😳 that was the last time I showered with them 🤣


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